January 2020
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Little Gretzky

I’m not entirely sure where she got it from, but Lilian freaking loves hockey. I used to love hockey (sadly, I don’t have much free time for it these days), and I love skating. (Ok, maybe I know where she gets it from). We¬†thought we’d see if Lilian might like to try skating.

I […]

The Fight for Air Climb

A week or so ago, I got together with one of my old workout buddies and a friend of hers to do the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb. It probably would have gone a lot better if I’d trained more, but I still enjoyed it.

The concept is pretty simple, really. You […]

My First Playoff Game at Fenway

They say that nothing breeds success like success. Apparently this extends into the arena of playoff tickets.

Ever since I moved back to Boston after college, I’ve entered the Red Sox lottery for postseason tickets. I never win, but I keep on trying. Growing up as a Red Sox fan taught me a lot […]

Lilian’s First Red Sox Game

Lilian had already been to her first baseball game, but a couple of weeks ago, we took her to her first game at Fenway Park. So, you know, it was her first game that really counted.

Well, it was her first Red Sox game where she wasn’t in utero.

It was also her first¬†Sox/Yankees […]

Lilian Takes Manhattan Brooklyn

Thursday morning, we packed the whole family (minus the cats, the poor cats never get to go anywhere) and drove down to NYC for the weekend. Why Thursday morning? My company is based out of NJ, and I wanted to spend a couple days working out of our main office.

Bonus points for Kristian […]