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Mothers’ Day 2015

I had a pretty great Mothers’ Day this year. In fact, I had a pretty great weekend.

Friday night, we relaxed after work with a couple of drinks.

Bartender, make my next milk a double!

Saturday, I was my sister Allison’s +1 at a Pan Mass Challenge Pedal Partner event at Fenway Park. Allison wasn’t able to ride the PMC challenge last year ( shattering your elbow tends to have that effect), but she’s going to kick it into gear (see what I did there?!) this year.

I’ll probably post something a little more in-depth about the Pedal Partner event later, but let’s just say that it was incredibly inspiring. The Pedal Partner program matches up PMC teams with kids who are being treated through the Jimmy Fund clinic. The idea is that the kids inspire you to train hard and raise a ton of money. In return, the kids get to point at you and laugh. Or something.

Also, Allison’s team’s partner is named Raphael, so we ended up with Ninja Turtle face paint in his honor. Because, if getting ridiculous face paint can make a kid with cancer laugh his ass off, then sign me up.


(Allison and I are now extra committed to raising a shit-ton of money.)

(And Raphael got a ton of laughs out if it.)

(Well played, Pedal Partners. Well played.)

Saturday afternoon/evening, we spent a lot of time and energy transporting an old swing-set to our house. I found it for free on Craigslist, but the jury is still out on wether or not we got a good deal on it. It wasn’t until we had the whole thing assembled on Sunday morning that Kristian realized that the part the swings hang off of is pretty badly rotted. He’s pretty sure he can replace that section with some new lumber, but I felt pretty bad about bringing a rotten swing set into our lives.

The good news? Lilian already loves her “little house” and the super fast slide.


Sunday morning, I had the requisite lie-in, and then breakfast in bed. I think Lilian was almost as excited about this as I was.

(And I was pretty damn excited!)

After breakfast, Kristian and Allison put together the aforementioned swingset of doom, while Lilian and I had some quality time at our neighborhood playground. She’s been on a “NOnoNOnoNooooo!!! I want DADDY !!!” kick lately, so I think the best Mothers’ Day gift of them all was simply the fact that she was so happy to be spending time with just me.

Kiss! Kiss!

(It’s super exhausting for Kristian that she wants him to do everything , but goddamn it breaks my heart that she never wants me to sing her a goodnight song.)

My Mom and Stepdad came over a little later in the afternoon, and we had a lovely little late lunch/early dinner on the back deck. I almost can’t believe that the long, horrible winter is finally behind us. I could get used to this whole “sitting outside and not freezing to death” business.

The sunburn that I managed to pick up? I’m not liking that one so much. But it was still a loverly weekend.

Jai Nepal

Some things you need to know about Nepal:

  1. It is one of the poorest countries in the world.
  2. When I lived there, we lived a few buildings down from the Ministry of Roads and the street was almost undriveable. Which is to say that…
  3. Their infrastructure is not good .
  4. The recent earthquake was massive. And it was shallow. Which means that it hit the area hard.
  5. The death toll from the earthquake is currently 3,800. And rising.
  6. People are sleeping outside because there is nowhere else for them to go.
  7. It’s fucking freezing in April there.

Basically, what I’m saying is… Nepal needs some help. And we all need to pitch in. The best way that we can help is with cold, hard cash.

If I was younger, and unattached, I’d be on a plane over there to help rebuild some houses. If I was Warren Buffett, I’d give charities working there a billion dollars. But, I am neither of these things. So, all I can ask is that you please donate a few bucks. There are some great charities listed here . You could also donate to the school where I volunteered . I promise you, they make every penny count.

I am so grateful to have stayed in touch with my host family on Facebook, which is how I know that they’re all ok. But, I met a lot of wonderful people in my four months there, and I have no way of knowing if they’re all safe. I do know that a lot of the amazing temples and monuments that we visited have been destroyed.

I’m trying to figure out the best way to put a benefit together. But, in the meantime, please donate.

Nepali Sunrise

It feels like nobody is talking about the earthquake. And we should all be talking about the earthquake. Nepal’s economy can’t rebuild on its own . Please, please, please. Make a donation. Spread the word. Tell your elected officials that we need to send aid. If you’re friends with Warren Buffett, ask if he’d like to send a billion dollars. Every little bit helps.

B.A.A. 5K Recap

A bunch of Kristian’s coworkers decided to sign up for the Boston Athletic Association 5K that’s part of the marathon festivities. He asked if I’d like to join them and I was like “you had me at ‘you get to run across the Boston Marathon finish line.'”

(They don’t let you finish on the marathon finish line, but you do get to run across it.)

(Technically, you could run across the finish line any old time, but that would involve dodging a lot of crazy traffic.)

My sister was kind enough to watch LJ for us, so we got to spend some quality time with each other… and the other 8,000 or so people running the race.

Seriously, I can’t remember a more crowded run. We waited for about 20-30 minutes at the back of the starting line (because we are, admittedly, very slow) after the race was supposed to start. We waited so long, in fact, that just as we crossed the starting line, I looked over and Kristian’s very fast co-worker  was just finishing the race. He did finish in the top 100, but that is still an impressive wait.

Lucky for us, we still tend to enjoy each other’s still company, it was a beautiful day, and we weren’t paying our babysitter by the hour.

(We weren’t paying her anything at all, but I did pick her up a little something at the race expo afterwards.)

The course itself is great. If you’re reading this blog post because you’re googling the race to see if it’s worth the $50 race fee, let me tell you that yes, yes it is. It’s crowded, but well organized (I could have done with some more porto-potties, but I am pretty sure that could be said about every race in the history of running). The course itself is crazy flat, there are plenty of people out cheering, and you get to run across the Boston Marathon finish line and keep going.

(They do have to continuously announce that, if you want to take a picture at the finish line, to please move off to the side and not cause a backup.)

(Because there are apparently a lot of people out there with selfie sticks and no common sense.)

We spent a lot of time dodging walkers, which is kindof annoying, but also not all that hard because, seriously, if this course was any flatter it would be a map of pre-Aristotlean earth.

I did not set a PR, but I did beat Kristian by 12 seconds. Which, because the race is so enormous, was good enough for finishing about a hundred places ahead of him. This is about as close as I get to bragging rights when it comes to running.

(In case you’re new around here, I’m so slow my spirit animal would be a turtle if I wasn’t already a honey badger.)

(I should also probably mention that he didn’t really train for this one.)

Basically, I surge at the end of most races when I’m about a few hundred feet or so from the finish. I didn’t train as much as I should have for this one, but I did train more than Kristian and I can generally run farther than him. I told him I’d run most of the race with him, but once the end was in sight…. all bets were off. Remember how I said there weren’t really enough porto potties? Yeah, with about a quarter of a mile left I realized that I really wanted to finish and use one. Kristian basically looked up and I was gone .

(He still finished strong, and we got our race medals and t-shirts together.)

My sister told us to take our time and have fun, so we spent the morning chilling with Kristian’s coworkers, walking around Boston, and checking out the marathon expo. My sister may or may not have regretted her decision to give us the morning off. Especially when LJ started eating non-food items in protest of both her parents having the unmitigated gall to leave her with her beloved auntie for a few hours.

(Let’s just say it’s a good thing that my husband is good at googling things from his phone.)

(Because I had already called my sister to remind her that they should both be wearing sunblock, so I was clearly not in the most rational of moods.)

(And now we can all file “I ate part of the window!” under: things I never want to hear my toddler say when I get home.)

(We’re talking non-toxic stuff, not lead paint!)

(Brand new window, brand new sill.)

(Seriously, please don’t report us for this one.)

The race shirt is one of the nicest race shirts I’ve received, although that’s a pretty low bar these days. Unless it’s a tech shirt, I usually don’t even bother bringing one home. The medal is also pretty badass.

My new favorite race medal! #baa #5k #onlyinboston

A photo posted by @beerandpie on

All in all, it was a pretty successful race!

Pink “Splarkies”

I’m on my way to Florida for a work retreat (it’s a hard knock life for me), and my biggest #FirstWorldProblem is that it had been weeks (weeks!) since I got a pedicure. Sandals weather with faded, chipped toes? Oh, the horror (horror!) of it all.

(I can be kindof an asshole sometimes, but that last paragraph is most definitely sarcasm).

(Just in case you couldn’t tell).

I picked Lilian up from daycare yesterday, and we were waiting for Kristian to come meet us for dinner. It was going to be a pretty major wait, so I was trying to figure out how to kill some time. We were right in front of a nail salon, so I put two and two together and decided it was time for Lilian’s first pedicure.

As you can see, she was a pretty big fan of this idea.

Happy Happy

Or perhaps she was just a fan of the Annie’s bunnies that were left over from her snack? Either way, she was in a fantastic mood.

The plan was for me to get my toes done, and then she would get hers painted. She sat very patiently while the tech basically took a cheese grater to my feet (it had only been a few weeks, I swear! I didn’t think they were that bad, this lady was just crazy thorough).  She found the entire process fascinating, and asked a ton of questions. She was just starting to get all antsy when Kristian showed up to distract her.

(Which meant that I got to close my eyes and enjoy the foot massage).

(Because, let’s be honest here, the foot massage is like 85% of my reason for getting pedicures in the first place).

(LJ suggested that he get “pink splarkies” as well, but he demurred).

She spent an awfully long time studying the color selection, before finally going with the bold choice of… hot pink. I was actually kinda surprised that she didn’t go for one of the “splarkies.” She very excitedly sat in the chair when it was her turn.

As you can see by the patented Sanchez-50-Yard-Stare, she wasn’t 100% sold on having someone else touch her toes. But, once she had the hot pink going on, she was pretty excited.


(She got more excited later, I swear).

(And, yes, that is the My Little Pony skirt that I made for her).

The nail tech was a really good sport about it, so I made sure to tip her really well. I think the women in the salon all got a kick out of the whole thing, but, still . She very patiently painted the toes of a squirmy two-year-old. That is some serious sport.

I don’t know if there are any more pedicure dates in our near future, but it’s nice to know we can start doing stuff like this together.

What’s Up Doc?

I wrote, last year, about the Easter Egg Hunt that Lilian and I went to. But I don’t think I ever mentioned that we found out the next week that we won the big Easter basket that they raffled off. It was full of prizes from local merchants.

Oh hey, guys! I totally won a kick-ass Easter basket!

The best part of the basket was a very nice gift card to Lively Kids, the boutique that sponsored the egg hunt. And by “nice,” I mean a hundred freaking dollars (!). Kristian and I tried to use it to buy Lilian’s birthday present, but they sell more clothes than toys and we didn’t find any big ticket item that we thought would work.

This is is my roundabout way of saying that yesterday Lilian and I found ourselves back in the store with a very nice gift certificate that was about to expire.

This is is also my roundabout way of saying that I spent a lot of someone else’s money on a pair of itty, bitty Doc Martens.

Baby Docs!

We sized strategically, so hopefully these will last a few months. Even if they don’t? They were free. I’ll make some one verrrrry happy with a kickass hand-me-down. Or I’ll sell them on eBay. But I am kinda digging them. They remind me of something I would have worn in the mid-90s.

OK, this is the part where I admit that they remind me of the Docs that I totally pined for after watching the Babysitters Club Movie. But that involves me admitting that I watched the Babysitters Club Movie. So let’s just say that Lilian is a big fan of her new shoes and leave it at that.