June 2021
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Kitty Purry: The Recap

A couple of months ago, I made a deal with the internet.

“Internet,” I said, “help me raise more money for the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth and I promise to do silly things for your amusement. In fact, if you help me to raise at least $2000, I will run the last mile of […]

B.A.A. 5K Recap

A bunch of Kristian’s coworkers decided to sign up for the Boston Athletic Association 5K that’s part of the marathon festivities. He asked if I’d like to join them and I was like “you had me at ‘you get to run across the Boston Marathon finish line.’”

(They don’t let you finish on the marathon […]

New Year, New Shmesomutions

(I’m being all self-referential and shit).

I’m still not a fan of new year’s resolutions, but I am still a fan of taking stock and making goals. I’ve also discovered that making a pact with myself to do something concrete (don’t eat junk food) is much more successful than some vague idea (lose weight). […]

CHaD Hero Half Marathon

On Sunday, I ran the CHaD Hero Half Marathon. I trained for it most of the summer and all of the fall. I was hoping for a better time, but you know what? I raised over a thousand dollars to help out a great hospital that serves a lot of kids and their families. I think […]

New York, New York

I spent most of this past week working in Midtown Manhattan. When they asked me if I’d be ok with working in New York for a week, I said yes… but only if they found me a hotel near the job site that wasn’t crawling with roaches. I guess they called my bluff, because […]