July 2021
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Stuff I Sewed in 2017

Oh, 2017. You dumpster fire, you. So much stress sewing. So little blogging. Here are some of the things that I made:

Giant Quilt Sampler for my Grandmother

It was my Grandmother’s 89th birthday this year. My grandmother taught me how to sew, and has been my biggest cheerleader when it comes to all […]

Tap Tap

*Steps up to the mic…*

Is this thing on?

I just went to see what my last blog post was, and I realized that it was an entire year ago. Where did the time go?! One day I was flying home from Florida, the next day I was dropping my daughter off at kindergarten, […]

Infocomm and Orlando Vacation 2017

We just got back from Orlando, and boy are my arms tired. Did I say arms? I meant eyes. And arms. Tired. I’m wicked effing tired.

I flew down for an industry convention. I had the honor of teaching a three day prep class for folks who want to get their CTS (a generalist […]

Stuff I Made in 2016

One thing that I like about a blog (versus just putting stuff on Twitter or Instagram) is that it lets you put a bunch of ideas together in context.

Oh, yeah, context! Remember when we used to read things in more context than 140 characters? Oh look, a squirrel! 

What were we just talking about…?


If You Ain’t Using It, Don’t Fix It

Thanks to a heads up from a friend  that my site was throwing up database errors instead of posts, I just spent a good chunk of my Easter Sunday fixing this here blog. The ultimate solution? Open up a chat window and let my hosting company fix it. You know who suggested said easy […]