June 2021
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Lilian’s Room: The After Photos

It’s been almost four years since we renovated our old guest room to turn it into a nursery, and I still haven’t documented the work that we did. Why must I document all of the work that we did? Is it because this is the Internet and we must document all of the work […]

Every Pony Get Down…

… It’s Lilian’s birthday party!

I’m not ashamed to admit, I was just as into the idea of a My Little Pony party as she was. But she did have some very specific requests.

She wanted cupcakes.


She wanted goldfish crackers in a yellow bowl.



And she wanted music […]

Memorial Day 2015

If the quality of a long weekend can be gauged by how dirty and sticky your child was by the end of it, I’d say this one was pretty damn awesome.

I mean, any time a weekend starts off with your husband letting you sleep in while he takes your toddler with him to procure the […]

Tough Christmas

So, remember when I said I was going to take the time between Christmas and New Years to relax and rejuvenate?

Yeah, not so much.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were wonderful. We spent time with Kristian’s family and my Mom’s family and had a lovely, lovely time.

(I’ll write about this some other […]

Little Gretzky

I’m not entirely sure where she got it from, but Lilian freaking loves hockey. I used to love hockey (sadly, I don’t have much free time for it these days), and I love skating. (Ok, maybe I know where she gets it from). We thought we’d see if Lilian might like to try skating.

I […]