June 2021
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Goodbye to my Tabitha

(Spoiler alert: I’m dusting off the ol’ blog to let you know about the passing of my beloved cat, Tabitha. This is a total bummer of a post. You have been warned.)

Nothing good ever came out of the phrase “can I talk to you in the hall for a minute?” Monday was no […]

A Few Quick Updates

First things first, I have been totally remiss in not giving y’all an update on our dog Gracie’s cancer. The surgery went well (the recovery was a bit of a nightmare, but at least all of that is over). We got the biopsy results back last week, and they were good but not great. […]

Quick Update

Crazy times around here!

I started a new job a few months ago. It’s going great, I love it, I’m super happy, but… I’ve been insanely┬ábusy. A lot of time spent in front of a screen during the day. Or setting up other, bigger screens. When I get home at night, I just want to […]

It’s Official!

Gummy Bear is a girl!

Also, the cat? Is going to murder me in my sleep. But it’s not my fault that she has an adorable, baby-sized head.

Gummy Bear is doing well, all of her measurements are good. She’s apparently doing backflips in there. I have a feeling that we’re going […]

Hope’s Dog Taxi Service

On Friday, I drove down to Quonset Airport in Rhode Island to pick up some puppy mill survivors for PAWS New England. Over 40 dogs were liberated from a puppy mill in Tennessee and many of them needed to be placed in foster care here in New England. Kristian and I decided to be […]