July 2021
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It’s Official!

Gummy Bear is a girl!

Daddy's Girl

Also, the cat? Is going to murder me in my sleep. But it’s not my fault that she has an adorable, baby-sized head.


Gummy Bear is doing well, all of her measurements are good. She’s apparently doing backflips in there. I have a feeling that we’re going to have a kid that won’t sit still.

10 comments to It’s Official!

  • Layla

    Congrats!! Girls are awesome. 🙂

  • Great news that Gummy’s doing so great and is, apparently, trying out for the fetal Olympics in gymnastics.

    Yay for the confirmation on gender, although I’d also say yay if you’d confirmed that GB was a boy!

  • Congrats Hope, very exciting!!! I think girls run in your family (despite it being the male’s job to determine that! ha ha)

  • Oops! I think I hit the wrong button… and deleted my comment all but the last line!

    Try this again:

    Congratulations!! That is super exciting news!

    Don’t be surprised if you see photos floating around the internet of you with like a fur ball on your face or a ball of yarn in your hand while you are sleeping on I can haz katnip the site where cats go.

  • I love girls! I’m stoked. 😀

  • Oh my goodness, this girl is going to be a champion at something involving kicking. :p

  • I know! We are seriously a family of women. Which is why I think I’ve been leaning so much towards wanting a girl. I’m used to girl babies, I would have no idea what to do with a boy!

  • I thought she’d retaliate by coughing up even more hairballs than usual, but nothing so far. My fear is that she’s saving up for something big. :p

  • […] hood, so putting it down flat didn’t seem like a good option. I’ve been using our cat as a baby model , but I don’t think that cat claws + crocheted family heirlooms is the best combination. […]

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