March 2021
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Rock Band Rumble (#Winning!)

Last Thursday night, I participated in a Rock Band tournament at the Brattle Theater, sponsored by Harmonix (the folks who make Rock Band) and Improv Boston.

For those of you who are wondering exactly what Rock Band is (besides a state of mind, of course), it’s a video game. You can play it individually […]

Hoprah’s Music Club: The Day After Everything Changed

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a couple of years and have perfect memories, you will probably remember that Ellis Paul’s album, The Day After Everything Changed, was my favorite album of 2009. I’m assuming that about zero of you fit this description, so I will reiterate. Ellis Paul’s […]

Bits N Pieces

I saw Tapes N Tapes with a couple of friends last night. It was a good show, but they ended up starting super late. Doors opened at 8pm and the show was supposed to start at 9. The first band didn’t go on until almost 10pm. We ended up missing the last part of […]

Out With the Old, In With the New

That could almost be a catch phrase for what it’s going to take to get my house clean…

I’ve been thinking a lot about New Years Resolutions. I tend to not like them, especially when they make it that much harder to use the equipment that I like at the gym. And yet? I […]

My Name is Jonas.

NB to my sister, Allison: Don’t read this. It’s going to make you seethe with jealousy. On second thought, read away. Muahahaha.

Kristian, a couple friends and I went to the Weezer concert at the Orpheum on Tuesday. I was excited to see a band that I truly love, but I was unprepared for […]