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Hoprah’s Music Club: The Day After Everything Changed

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a couple of years and have perfect memories, you will probably remember that Ellis Paul’s album, The Day After Everything Changed, was my favorite album of 2009. I’m assuming that about zero of you fit this description, so I will reiterate. Ellis Paul’s album, The Day After Everything Changed was my favorite album of 2009. You should all go out and buy a copy. But, wait! If you read to the end of this post, you might not have to.

Ellis Paul’s people, being internet savvy in the small matter of google alerts and whatnot, read my blog entry and then contacted me about reminding you about how awesome Ellis Paul is (check) and offering up some free CDs (wait for it…).

Ellis Paul, unlike me, had a stupendous 2010. He celebrated 20 years of being a musician. Boston proclaimed July 9th, 2010 to be “Ellis Paul Day.” He toured this lovely country of ours with a little band called Sugarland (they’re kindof a big deal). Oh, and the Farrelly Brothers’ next movie, “Hall Pass,” will feature 9 or so songs from The Day After Everything Changed as part of the score. If you go out and get yourself a copy (wait for it…), you’ll be able to watch the movie and say “Oh, I totally know all of this music. Because I’m awesome. Hope Roth says I am.”

I, myself, am waiting until I achieve Benevolent World Domination before I encourage proclamations of Hope Roth days. I have no plans to tour with Sugarland, but I do have their song about Steve Earle on my iPod. My music will not be on any movie soundtracks next year, unless you mute the sound on your TV and then crank up your copy of Beer and Pie.

(This is my blog, so I’m allowed to bring everything back to myself).

Ellis Paul will be continuing to tour in support of his album and in celebration of two decades of his music. I’m particularly interested in February 26th, when he’ll be playing at the Homegrown Coffeehouse in Needham, MA. I’ve seen him in concert, and he puts on a great show.

Of course, I will be attempting to ski for the first time ever that day, so there is a good chance that I will be in traction instead of in the audience.

Ok, here is the part that you all skipped to the end for. I have five, count ’em, five copies of The Day After Everything Changed to give away. If that wasn’t fantabulous enough, these copies are autographed. And they’re not autographed by me, they’re autographed by Ellis Paul. I, myself, own exactly zero autographed copies of Ellis Paul CDs. I will try not to let the jealousy burn us (it burns! it burns!). I am giving away all five autographed copies to you, my lovely blog readers. And I’m giving you so many different ways to enter!

(I’m a giver, really, I am).

You can enter this here blog giveaway thusly:

  1. By leaving a comment on this blog entry. Feel free to tell me how nice my hair looks and what fantastic taste in music I have. I promise I won’t let it go to my head.
  2. By following me on Twitter. Leave a (separate!) comment below telling me that you follow me in order to get one of these entries. If you already follow me, leave a (separate!) comment letting me know that you are already a follower.
  3. By tweeting and/or facebooking about this giveaway. Leave a (separate!) comment below with a link to your tweet/facebook post.

You can not enter this blog entry by: bribery, ESP, passenger pigeon.

I will take entries between now and next Tuesday at 6pm, EST. At that point, I will be using to pick five of the comments on this blog post to be winners. I’ll be contacting everyone directly, so please don’t use the fake email address that you usually use. I will only be picking from comments, so make sure you leave a separate comment for following and/or tweeting/facebooking.

This is the second time that I’ve blogged about something being my “favorite of…” and the second time that I’ve been contacted about doing a giveaway. Look for future posts on my favorite smart phone, my favorite car and my favorite jewel-encrusted tiara. Because, let’s be honest here, if I’m going to be like Oprah and give you all cars, it’s going to be on someone else’s dime.

FCC disclosure legal mumbo jumbo stupidity: Ellis People and/or his people  are providing these CDs. As far as I know, I’m not getting anything out of this except a small sense of satisfaction, some new twitter followers and (more) lame Oprah jokes.

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