June 2021
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Accidents Will Happen

(Spoiler alert! Everything is fine! I’m totally fine!)

So, I started my new job last week. And they’re already sending me to job sites (like a boss!). Which means that I’m already finding new and creative ways to drive to job sites. Which means that, last Friday, I found myself in Kenmore Square. Which, […]

Gainfully Unemployed

I’m starting a new job in January. Today was my last day at my current job. For those of you who can’t math… that means I have almost two weeks where I will be completely unemployed. Some of you are probably thinking “It’s the most expensive time of the year. You are totally nuts.” […]

New York, New York

I spent most of this past week working in Midtown Manhattan. When they asked me if I’d be ok with working in New York for a week, I said yes… but only if they found me a hotel near the job site that wasn’t crawling with roaches. I guess they called my bluff, because […]

World’s Best Carnival

I had to do some work on Saturday. It was… rough. Any work on a Saturday tends to be slightly less than fun. This work? Was done at Ikea. With an angry toddler in tow. Why? Because it was our last chance to return $150 worth of crap that we bought by accident. Also? […]

[Insert Finding Nemo Joke Here]

So, we got a lot of snow over the weekend. Like, a lot of snow.

Governor Patrick declared a state of emergency on Friday and told everyone to get off the roads. Which means that I got to work from home. The last time I worked from home? I went into labor like […]