June 2021
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Lilian’s Room: The After Photos

It’s been almost four years since we renovated our old guest room to turn it into a nursery, and I still haven’t documented the work that we did. Why must I document all of the work that we did? Is it because this is the Internet and we must document all of the work […]


This year, I am thankful for a husband who will go along with my crazy schemes.

(For those of you who are wondering, we got all of the lower cabinet doors back on, and about half of the lower hardware. The upper cabinets are still all open-faced. Nobody mentioned it. And, believe you me, […]

The Worst Laid Plans…

It is a testament to my husband’s good nature that I can say something like “hey, let’s paint the kitchen cabinets” the weekend before Thanksgiving and he will actually go along with it.

(In my defense, we had a friend volunteer to babysit for us, and you have to take advantage of these situations.)


Take a Bath

Our bathtub has been broken since the heat of the summer. It’s currently snowing outside, so that should give you an idea as to how long it’s been. The previous owner installed the tub all kinds of wrong, so it’s cracking in several different places. Kristian put in a temporary patch, so we can […]

Buh-Bye Deck!

A bunch of our friends came by on Saturday to help us take down half of our deck and a useless fence in our backyard. The deck used to wrap around our pool, but after we took the pool out it just wrapped around as a giant safety violation. It was also poorly built […]