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Mother’s Day 2017

Pro tip: sleeping in on Mother’s Day will feel extra luxurious if you go out drinking with your little sister the night before.

We schooled some nerds at Hoop Fever, mashed some buttons on Mortal Kombat, and shared a bounty of tater tots with everyone sitting around us at the bar.

Poor Kristian… Lilian was so excited for Mother’s Day, she woke him up at 6am. He managed to hold her back by the coattails until mid-morning, and then I was woken up with a basket of bath products, flowers, and an ambiguously lettered donut.

I think the best Mother’s Day gift of all is that my daughter loves me so much she’d wake up early to celebrate (although, let’s be real, she was also pretty excited for donuts). My little girl stops me now and then just to tell me that she loves me. It doesn’t get much better than that.

(I probably have like 2.5 years before she stops me every now and then to roll her eyes at me).

What I really wanted for Mother’s Day was a few hours to myself to go paddleboarding or do some sewing. It wasn’t in the cards (especially since it was 48 degrees and raining), but I still got a 6-mile run in. I know most people think that a long run is more of a punishment than a present, but spending an hour or so pounding the pavement is a welcome retreat into my own thoughts for me. I felt so much better, mentally and physically, afterwards.

I’ve been feeling run-down and over-stretched lately. I tell myself I’m too tired to go running. But, if I’m being honest with myself, I feel way less tired if I get a regular run in. I’m glad that I made myself get out there today.

(Not to mention the fact that I have a half marathon coming up in about a month… eeks!).

Late in the afternoon, we met up with my mom, step-dad, and one of our nephews to go candlepin bowling. I enjoyed the old-school bowling alley vibe, the inability to throw gutter-balls (little kids like bumpers, yo), but mostly watching these two sweeties yelling “yahoo!” for each other.

I don’t understand the physics of how a slow roller can bounce off the bumpers a few times and then knock all of the pins down (actually I do, it adds spin and changes the direction of the ball). What I definitely know is that the kids kicked our butts the first game.

We headed back home (family in tow) afterwards, to watch the Force Awakens. The kids alternated between snuggling and stomping on each other. That’s pretty much childhood in a nutshell, right?

I used to sing Lilian to sleep when I put her to bed, but lately (and, by lately, I mean for at least the last year) she hasn’t wanted me to. And I’ve really missed it! Tonight, she was sleepy enough that she said ok to a song. And, more importantly, she sat still while I sang it (usually, she kicks and flails up a storm).

Watching your small child fall asleep is a gift. It was probably the best Mother’s Day gift of them all.

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