June 2021
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Jokes with LJ

Lilian: Why did the pig cross the road?

Me: I don’t know, why?

Lilian: To get to the other side… because he lives there

Me: What’s brown and sticky?

Lilian: Chocolate ice cream

Me: Errr… a stick

Lilian: …

Me: And chocolate ice cream?

Lilian: AHHHaHahahahahahah!!!! Lilian: Why did froggies jump across the road?


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kristian made me a coffee, with a side of Russell Stover chocolates.

(Lilian got a chocolate milk with a side of Frozenā„¢ jelly beans.)

Lilian and I made a card for Kristian that said “We Whaley Love You,” but it somehow got misplaceĀ before we could give it to him.

In short, it was a […]

The Women’s March (Boston Version)

On Saturday, LJ and I joined some our neighbors (and about 175,000 other people) at the Women’s March in Boston. To say that it was uplifting would be an understatement.

After the election, I felt hopeless and lost. It felt like we were about to step off of a cliff, and that some of […]

Auntie Skills

Geeetings from sunny Connecticut, where I’m helping my sister with my three-week-old niece. Which mostly consists of changing some diapers, making a lot of tea, and trying to get Snapchat to recognize that my niece really is a tiny human. 

God bless my husband for agreeing to hold down the fort while I’m […]

Happy 2017!

Hey, so, uh, did you miss me? Because I kinda missed this blog. But I could never seem to make the time to write in it. Especially as the months went by and I would say “well, now it’s been so long… is this really what I want to write about for my first […]