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If You Ain’t Using It, Don’t Fix It

Thanks to a heads up from a friend  that my site was throwing up database errors instead of posts, I just spent a good chunk of my Easter Sunday fixing this here blog. The ultimate solution? Open up a chat window and let my hosting company fix it. You know who suggested said easy fix? My long-suffering husband, who is clearly wiser than me in the ways of MySQL. When did he make said genius suggestion? Oh, at least an hour ago.

Like I said, he is clearly wiser than me in oh so many ways.

Halfway through my descent into phpMyAdmin hell, I said something along the lines of “I don’t even post anymore! Why do I even care that my stupid blog is broken?!”

Well, the first answer is that it has about nine years of my personal history archived in it, which is no small matter. The second answer would appear to be that I still care about posting, even though I rarely sit down and, ya-know, post.

So, hey, here’s a post.

Maybe we could throw some real content in here as well?

Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.

And maybe stop talking to yourself?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, people.

Like I said earlier, it’s Easter weekend and we’re having a pretty low-key one. Lilian had her first ever sleep-over on Friday night… And I think we’re all still recovering from it.

Lilian is now fast friends with a little girl who lives down the street from us. The two of them stayed up all night on Friday, reading and snuggling together. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever but nobody got much sleep (myself included). We’ve pretty much laid low since then, although we did make a trip out to procure an Easter dress. I don’t know what it is about Easter, but there’s something hardcoded into me but you must have a brand-new dress for the holiday. It probably has something to do with the fact that most of our clothes when we were little were hand-me-downs, but we always got a brand-new Easter dress.

Something, something, psychology, something.

Lilian begged me for a hair-bow, which I begrudgingly let her buy… This ended up being a genius move, because then she actually let me brush her hair without screaming so loud the neighbors are all tempted to call child services on us.

I think it took longer to brush her hair than it did for her to finish her Easter egg hunt. Let’s just say that none of us was particularly motivated to spend much time in the backyard when it was about 90 bazillion degrees out. Her chocolate frogs were literally melting.

The hunt is on!

Such is my child’s devotion to the integrity of an outfit, she kept that sweater on until after she asked for her second glass of water in about a five minute span.

(Also, we’re now up to at least the fourth pair of her shoes that I wish came in grownup sizes.)

I spent a few hours yesterday cleaning up our sun porch. Which means that today is the semi-annual day where I can actually sit on our day bed and relax! Usually it’s covered in a heavy layer of dust, dog hair, and discarded auto parts. Lilian yelled at Kristian for leaving tires and tools on the porch when he was getting ready to put on everybody’s summer tires, so maybe there’s hope for us yet. It really is the most pleasant spot in the house to sit when it’s warm out.




Maybe be if I never leave this spot, nobody else will be able to pile crap on top of it…

4 comments to If You Ain’t Using It, Don’t Fix It

  • Hal D.

    Glad you had a pleasant Easter Hope, and some pretty decent warm weather from the sounds of it!

    We WERE going to spend the weekend at a local hotel (complete with water slide), to reward our son for his much-improved report card. By 7pm the first night, he was full-tilt flu mode! We barely slept all night… Needless to say, we checked-out the next morning.

    I pity the poor cleaning staff that had to deal with that aftermath… ?

    Oh, and I totally get where you’re coming from, with your sql troubleshooting determination. I spent yesterday trying to write a SIMPL+ module, to have my Davis weather station upload its data to another website. Or, should I say, wrestle with the horrid API documentation their support staff sent me!

    Did I contact them for, you know.. “support”? Hell no! I am still trying to figure it out, because well… I am a guy and I never get lost, or need directions! ???

    Anyway, most enjoyable post and keep enjoying your sunroom!

    Cheers ?

  • Hal D.

    BTW, all those awkwardly placed question-marks in my previous post, started-off as emoticons! My apologies, next time it’s old-fashioned ASCII ones! 🙂

  • Yikes! Talk about having the rug yanked from under you. A hotel with a water park sounds amazing. The flu, not so much. I hope everyone is recovering now!

    There’s probably some wisdom in knowing when to call in the professionals, but I haven’t discovered what that wisdom is yet. :p

  • Hal D.

    Yes, it was a fun place! We are hoping to go back for a night this weekend, to make it up to him. He is fully recovered, so that’s good news!

    And, if I discover that “calling the pros” wisdom first, I will definitely share it with you! 😉

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