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Auntie Skills

Geeetings from sunny Connecticut, where I’m helping my sister with my three-week-old niece. Which mostly consists of changing some diapers, making a lot of tea, and trying to get Snapchat to recognize that my niece really is a tiny human. 

God bless my husband for agreeing to hold down the fort while I’m here. Not only was he ok with me abandoning my own family for a whole week, he also prepped a bunch of slow cooker meals, and picked up some snacks at Costco. He knows better than anyone a) just how helpful it is to have people make food for you when you have an infant and 2) what a hopeless (pun possibly intended) cook I am. 

The two meals I put in the crockpot were delicious. He did a decent amount of prep work and gave me very explicit instructions. 

There’s not much to report from the week so far. It’s been lovely and cozy, and very non-eventful. I am sleeping better here than I do at home, which is kindof ironic. Something about the two closed doors between me and the baby, and a strategically placed mini-waterfall for white noise. 

Also,  no tiny humans have been jumping on my back at 5 in the morning. Which is definitely something that happened the night before I came down here. I would have like a million babies if I could snuggle with them during the day and then hand them off to someone else before getting 8 hours of sleep or so. 

There was a regrettable incident involving a box of gluten-free pancake mix and a vacuum cleaner without a filter, but other than that I think I’ve been a net gain in terms of household chores. At least, I’d like to hope that my taking cleanup duty after a particularly impressive poo explosion makes up for the fact that I have literally displaced my niece from her own nursery. 

Sorry if this post is dull, but life with a baby probably should be. 

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