June 2021
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The Women’s March (Boston Version)

On Saturday, LJ and I joined some our neighbors (and about 175,000 other people) at the Women’s March in Boston. To say that it was uplifting would be an understatement.

After the election, I felt hopeless and lost. It felt like we were about to step off of a cliff, and that some of […]

A Victory for Love

I was listening to the radio today and the host was talking about how this presidential race was both a) incredibly bitter and 2) the most expensive election of all time.

(I have a sneaking suspicion that the two of these things might be related).

All of that money spent, and what did we […]

Election Day

In case you just crawled out of a cave, today is election day here in the US. Or, as I like to think of it, the last day before all of the awful campaign TV spots go away. At least for this cycle. Just don’t let Mitt Romney see his shadow or we’ll have […]

A Quick Update

I have a longer post written about the whole childbirth business, but it’s pending daddy approval. So, I’m popping in to say that we’re all doing really well. Although we’re (obviously!) pretty sleep deprived.

Lilian had her first checkup yesterday and her doctor was duly impressed. She’s up to an ounce above her birthweight […]

Not Forgetting

I would imagine that everyone over the age of 15 or so has their own 9/11 story. I’m no exception.

(I would also imagine that pretty much everyone who has a blog is going to write out their 9/11 story today. In this, I am also no exception.)

I was a college student at […]