June 2021
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Sister Weekend, 2014

It seems like every time we’re supposed to get together with my family, Lilian and I find some new and/or horrible way of getting sick and have to cancel all of our plans. It had been months since I’d seen all of my sisters, so we decided to rectify this situation by meeting up […]

Lilian Takes Manhattan Brooklyn

Thursday morning, we packed the whole family (minus the cats, the poor cats never get to go anywhere) and drove down to NYC for the weekend. Why Thursday morning? My company is based out of NJ, and I wanted to spend a couple days working out of our main office.

Bonus points for Kristian […]

Strawberry Fest

One of my sisters lives on an organic farm in Vermont. Every year, they put on two harvest festivals – Strawberry Fest in June and Pumpkin Fest in October. It’s been way too effing hot this past week, and I have a giant hot water bottle strapped to my front these days. So this […]

New York, New York

Last weekend, I took the bus down to NYC to see my sister and her family and to attend my nephew’s sixth birthday party. I didn’t have a lot of time to spend in the city, but  figured this would probably be one of my last chances to spend a weekend in New York […]

Off to the Races

At our wedding last Fall, a bunch of our friends got along really well with my step-sister and her husband. To the point where, when talking about the road trip down to Kentucky that Kristian and I took last year, we decided that it would be fun to take another one and to bring […]