June 2021
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Shmesashumution Update

It’s been a month since I set my goals for the New Year and I figure that, instead of ignoring them, I should perhaps take stock and see how I’m doing.

Finish a half marathon.

My sister, Allison, and I ran 10 miles last Sunday. I hope to do 11 miles this weekend. Barring a flareup of my foot issues, I’m fairly confident that I’ll be able to complete this one. The race is in 2 weeks. I suppose that only time will tell.

Continue to lose weight.

I have actually gained weight. But everyone tells me that I’m looking skinny. And my jeans are baggy. And I’m pretty sure that my cheekbones could be used to cut a bitch, they’re so sharp.

I’m calling this one a wash.

Pass the chocolate.

Book more gigs. Sell more CDs.

I have a couple of solid leads. And I’m going to be a guest vocalist for a local Mardi Gras show. Plus, I sold 4 copies of my CD at my Grandfather’s birthday party. I’m sure that my relatives felt in no way, shape or form guilted into making their purchases. Not at all. It’s not like they love my Grandmother and want her to be happy or anything.

I’m declaring myself awesome and moving on.

Send out cards for birthdays and anniversaries.

I’ve missed one person (shhh, don’t tell her). And I sent Dustin his card way too late for it to arrive in California before his birthday. But, you know what? Late birthday cards are just my way of extending the fun.

I’m declaring myself to be a craft master and moving on.

Although, now that I think about it, I went to my Grandfather’s party, but I didn’t give him a card. Too bad. I already made my declaration. No backsies.

Build my savings account back up to [redacted].

This one was actually fairly tough. My plan was to only purchase essentials during the month of January. And, while I’m fairly sure that I could make a somewhat credible case as to why tinted moisturizer is an essential purchase… Let’s just say that I didn’t exactly knock this one out of the park. BUT, I did manage to completely curtail my impulse spending. And I didn’t pay for coffee once. The sad thing? All I have to show for my frugality are balanced bank accounts. I was hoping to increase my savings above and beyond what I already set aside. When you consider the number of people living paycheck to paycheck and off of credit cards, this isn’t exactly so bad. In the context of trying to save more? Bzzzt. Try again.

I’m extending my retail fast into the month of February. Good thing it’s a short month! Although, going cold turkey from purchases at Sephora and Target has taught me how much better things can be when I don’t buy stupid crap. I’ve been using up bath and beauty products instead of buying stuff that’s newer and comes in shiny packages. And I’ve been finishing up the books that I never finished reading. And dipping into my fabric stash for new projects. If I keep this up, I think I can make a serious dent in the amount of clutter in our house.

I went to Joann’s and managed to spend less than $20 on the supplies to make invites for Jenn(ie)’s baby shower. People, this is like a heroin addict hanging out in a smack den saying, “No thanks, I think I’ll have a diet coke instead.” I was so proud of myself, I dropped $150 at the Michaels down the street.

Just kidding. I spent it on black tar heroin.

Last weekend, I went through my closet and bureau and got rid of every item of clothing that I don’t wear, that’s not in tip-top condition, that’s not totally in style  and that isn’t completely flattering. It wasn’t a ton of clothes, but it was enough to make a dent. It’s amazing how having fewer clothes cuts back on the times when I feel like I have nothing to wear. I can actually see everything, so nothing gets hidden behind tshirts that I never wear but can’t bring myself to get rid of. Plus, I have a more accurate gauge of when I actually need to do laundry.

Every time I think, “Wouldn’t it be nice to buy that cute pair of boots?” I tell myself that it’s better to save the money for something that I really need. I’m hoping that I’ll drop down a size, save up some money and then go on the world’s most awesomely fabulous shopping spree. It will be like “What Not to Wear” except that the person making snide and snarky comments will be me. I’m currently taking applications for Clinton and Stacey stand-ins. The only qualifications are fab shoes and a love of margaritas. Bonus points if you like looking at yourself in the mirror and then yelling, “Shut up!” while lightheartedly punching me in the shoulder.

I’m fairly confident that continuing to spend at a similar rate will be more than adequate now that I’m not rebounding from Christmas.

I’m declaring this one “pending” and putting it in a brown bag to bring with me to work for lunch.

How about you? Did you make resolutions this year? If so, how are you doing?

4 comments to Shmesashumution Update

  • InThane

    You know, gaining weight is ok as long as your fat ratio is declining – denser muscle mass and all that. 😉

  • I totally agree with you, Thane. The numbers don’t mean half as much as how my clothes fit. That said… Going off of my eating habits, I’m going to go ahead and say that the fat ratio hasn’t really changed all that much. But, who knows. I should really take some measurements for more accurate tracking.

  • christina

    gaining weight is not really OK- muscle doesn’t weigh more than fat.
    a good measure is inches around your true waist- muscle is denser, even if it’s not

    and, of course, how you feel is the best measure!

    i’m proud of you for sticking to your resolutions.

    and i think you look great!

  • SammyG

    I’m a friend of Dustin’s and followed the link from his page.

    Let me know when you’re ready for that shopping spree. I own fabulous shoes, used to hit people a lot, and I once owned a blender named “Miguel”. Guess what it was used for!

    Seriously though, nice blog.

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