May 2018
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A Quick Update

So, what’s new these days?

Well… a certain someone can pull herself up to standing.


She practices over and over. She pulls herself up, stands for a few minutes, then lowers herself back down by getting into a three point stance. Which is just about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Then she stops and catches her breath, making noises not dissimilar from the sounds I make while lifting weights. If, y’know, I still lifted weights. Well, I swung a kettlebell for a few minutes the other day. And I’m still feeling sore from it. After a minute or so, she does the whole thing all over again.

I swear, this little girl is bound and determined to walk before her first birthday.

She makes clicking noises while she crawls. And then she makes little lip-smacking noises if you’re eating something that she wants a taste of. And, believe you me, she always wants a taste of whatever it is that you’re eating. If it’s something baby-safe, I will happily share. At which point, she usually screws up her face, makes “ew ew ew” noises… and then indicates that she wants more.

We spent last weekend at my grandmother’s house, and Lilian made herself right at home. I watched her try and pull a cabinet door open. It was amazing to watch the gears click together in her head. She would open the door part-way, but it kept hitting her shoulder and bouncing shut. So, she’d inch backwards, and then try again. Eventually, she was on her tippy-toes, hanging on by the very tips of her fingers. At which point, she realized that she could sit down and give herself plenty of room to let the door swing open.

And then my grandmother’s ten-year-old movie guides were all hers.

Me? Work’s going well, I’m (mostly) sleeping again, and I’m back to running (when it’s not 107 degrees outside). I don’t have the pressures of writing a thesis hanging over my head, so I have plenty of time to spend chasing Lilian around coffee tables and yelling “boo!” when I get to her.

In other words? We’re all doing great.

(Kristian is always doing well).

(That man is unflappable).

I even started crafting again. I (finally) finished the curtains for Lilian’s room. And before she turned a year old! I’m really proud of how they turned out. I’ll post some pictures later, after I’ve cleaned up a bit in there. They really (ahem) tie the room together.

How have you all been doing?

2 comments to A Quick Update

  • She’s so cute. Can hardly believe that she’s almost a year old already! Glad you’re all doing well.

    I’m great. Crazy busy but great.

    Will I see you all at the Match?

  • Lilian is adorable, getting so big so quick! Yay for sleep and having free time again now that grad school is Done!!!

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