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Some Random Thoughts for Election Day

First things first, make sure that (if you’re a US Citizen) you vote today! I’m pretty sure that anybody who has internet access would have a hard time forgetting that today is election day. Maybe if you spend your time clicking back and forth between and you might forget. But, if that’s the case, you might not be the most informed of voters. Hmmm.  Well, I am white. And we like raising awareness. So, I’m raising yours. Go vote. Scoot!

(I’ll wait)

Ok, I hope you got yourself a cute little sticker that says “I voted!” And maybe bought something at the baked sale. Don’t you like schoolchildren and/or old people?

I have not forgotten about my promise of baked goods and the raffle for the awesome mystery package of awesomeness. I got a little distracted by my Grandfather’s passing, so I’m extending the contest until the end of November. Any donation of $25 to PAWS New England gets you an autographed copy of my CD. Any $50 donation to PAWS gets you free baked goods. And everyone who donates will be entered into the awesome raffle of awesomeness. PAWS has less than $4k to raise before they can rebuild their sanctuary. Every little bit helps. Do it for Gracie! More info here.

My awesome coworker and I rescued a lost dog yesterday. I will probably post about it tomorrow, because it’s too long to be put into a random post of randomness. Let’s just say that I’m happy that we saved a dog from running into traffic and getting hurt. And a little annoyed that his owner is so irresponsible. Also, we were in a van down by the river at the time.

(The story is not nearly as dirty as that sounds).

I had my last PT appointment today. You can only have 10 ultrasound treatments on your foot before it starts to dry your insides out like a piece of overcooked chicken. And isn’t that a lovely image?

Today is my sisters’ birthday! Happy 27th, Allison and Christina. I won’t bum you out by saying that it’s all downhill from here. Have a slice of cake for me!


I’m thinking about my Grandfather today. He and my Grandmother cancelled each other’s votes out for 65+ years. They would vote and then go out for dinner afterwards. Only then would they discuss how they’d voted and realize that they’d voted against each other all the way down the line. Until 2008, when my Grandfather voted for Obama. He couldn’t stand Sarah Palin. Now that, my friends, is some serious Change.

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