January 2020
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The Worst Laid Plans…

It is a testament to my husband’s good nature that I can say something like “hey, let’s paint the kitchen cabinets” the weekend before Thanksgiving and he will actually go along with it.

(In my defense, we had a friend volunteer to babysit for us, and you have to take advantage of these situations.)


Welch and Dickey

Our toddler hikes have been going so well, we decided to go on a big kid hike on Sunday. Kristian, LJ, and I drove up to New Hampshire with our friend Yogurt. We met up with my sister at Welch and Dickey for a 4.5 mile loop up and down a couple of little mountains.

(I […]

Toddler Hikes

Kristian has had some Saturday work to do lately, so LJ and I have started going on some little hikes together. I guess I should say “hikes,” or maybe just “walks in the woods.” I strap her to my back in a frame backpack and we go somewhere with plenty of rocks, and trees, […]


We just got back from a week in Bourne, at the house where we got married. My Dad and a bunch of his friends rent it every August. We all had a fantastic time, especially Lilian. You’d enjoy yourself too, if you were two-years-old and had an entire house full of grownups at your […]

LJ’s Second Birthday Party

Lilian’s 2nd birthday party was on Saturday, and we managed to have a lovely little afternoon. Life’s been a little crazy the past few weeks, so the party kinda snuck up on us. I remembered to put together a Facebook event a few weeks ago, but that was about the extent of our pre-planning. Whoops.

We […]