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LJ’s Second Birthday Party

Lilian’s 2nd birthday party was on Saturday, and we managed to have a lovely little afternoon. Life’s been a little crazy the past few weeks, so the party kinda snuck up on us. I remembered to put together a Facebook event a few weeks ago, but that was about the extent of our pre-planning. Whoops.

We all got up bright and early on Saturday morning, and Lilian and I headed off to do some errands. Kristian stayed behind to rid our backyard of dog poop, mow the lawn, and basically make it look like we don’t normally live in total squalor. He did a bang up job!

[Insert picture of freshly mowed lawn here]

Me? Well, there were the aforementioned errands. Plus the whole, getting Lilian out of the house so she stays away from the lawn mower, thing. But, yeah, I’m not embarrassed to admit it… My husband really pulled this birthday party together. But, hey, Lilian and I bought all the food together! Plus, we got cake. It’s automatically a party if there is cake.

The weather ended up being absolutely perfect, a great day for hanging out outside. Lots of sunshine, not too hot. Everyone said how much they loved just hanging out on the lawn.

We had a few kids and a bunch of grownups. Just enough people that it felt festive… not so many people that it was too overwhelming. Well, Lilian did do a bit of a barnacle impression on my shoulder when we first got downstairs. But you’d cling to your mom too if you woke up from a nap, went downstairs, and discovered that your house was full of people. She perked up pretty quickly when she realized it was most of her favorite people.

Like all of her grandpas!



Plus, she was a big fan of birthday presents.




She got a lot of new books. Which is great for her (she loves to read). And great for me (I love to not read the same books over and over and over again.)



Did I mention that there was cake?



Things that are smart: taking your daughter’s white dress off before she eats chocolate cake. Things that are not smart: putting said dress down on an open stretch of counter space without looking to see if it’s totally clean. Things that suck: discovering that, in your quest to keep said dress clean, you have gently placed it in a big ol’ pile of ketchup. :Facepalm.:

(It all came out in the wash.)

As usual, there are pretty much no pictures of me from the party. But here’s a selfie we took with her new stethoscope. She got an awesome doctor kit and has been wandering around the house poking at people and pets and declaring them to be “all better.”





Why, yes, that is one of the shirts from my Stitch Fix. Their customer service was able to track down a smaller size of the one shirt that was too big. So I bought everything. Because, I kinda painted myself into a corner with that one. “Hi customer service! You don’t have this shirt in a smaller size do you? Because then I might keep everything. Oh, you do? Well, isn’t that something…”

But, hey, my daughter loves Duplo! Even if we took out the little dog that came with it and she said “Cow! Moooo!”

(In her defense, it is white with little black spots on it.)



The hammock was a big hit at the party. Mostly among small children who tried unsuccessfully to get up onto it. What they don’t realize? It’s easier to stay on it without falling off if you pile the whole family onto it. Bonus points for wearing dad down completely.



You know it’s a good party when it ends with a half-naked game of hockey.

(Lilian is still a little unclear on the rules, but she sure does love to shout “gooooal!”)

(Even if the ball goes nowhere near the goal.)

(We’re working on it.)


In this day of Pinterest and whatnot, it can be tempting to go all crazy with stuff like your kids’ birthday parties. I know I went a little overboard with crafting for last year. (What can I say? I needed a creative outlet after spending a year not doing any DIY projects for 10-12 months.) This year was a refreshing change from that. Because, really, all you need for a party is good friends, good food, and some cake.

I can’t guarantee that I’ll stay away from Pinterest for next year’s party, but I certainly will try to remember how much fun this year’s party was!

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