March 2021
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Handmade Christmas

I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked to sew Christmas presents this year, but I still managed to make a few little things. I figured I’d share them with you.

(If you’re not that interested in sewing, you might want to go ahead and skip this one.)

Ok, first up […]

The Good Parts of Christmas

This ended up being a fairly tough Christmas. But, despite its challenges, we ended up having some nice moments.

We spent Christmas Eve at my in-laws’ house. Considering the fact that she spent the first two hoursĀ surrounded by candy and pastries she wasn’t allowed to eat, and presents she wasn’t allowed to unwrap, I […]

Reindeer Games

Last week was the holiday concert at Lilian’s daycare. This is the third holiday concert they’ve hosted since she started going there, but the first one that I actually attended. They tend to hold their special events on Fridays (when my Dad is watching her). Plus, you know, she wasn’t exactly talking for the […]


This year, I am thankful for a husband who will go along with my crazy schemes.

(For those of you who are wondering, we got all of the lower cabinet doors back on, and about half of the lower hardware. The upper cabinets are still all open-faced. Nobody mentioned it. And, believe you me, […]

The Worst Laid Plans…

It is a testament to my husband’s good nature that I can say something like “hey, let’s paint the kitchen cabinets” the weekend before Thanksgiving and he will actually go along with it.

(In my defense, we had a friend volunteer to babysit for us, and you have to take advantage of these situations.)