May 2019
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My step-dad’s sister’s husband (we just call him Uncleish) is super into biking. He’s also super into supporting his niecishes on social media when they post about biking (or running, or boating, etc.). You could write that you ran 50 feet, got tired, and then sat down and ate a cheeseburger… and he’d tell […]

Workouts That Burn

Ceçi n’est pas un bike blog.

Let me tell you about the gears on my bike.

There are three of them… technically. 

One gear I never use, because it would take a baby ox using all of its weight to move the pedals. The second gear I use 95% of the time. The third […]

This Is Not a Bike Blog… I Swear

So, I had to take the bus to work today and it sucked. I’ve only biked to work once and I’m already addicted. 

When I biked to work, I could leave on my own schedule, I got to enjoy some time in the sunshine, I got some exercise in and I arrived at work […]

Looks Like I Made It

You know what would have made my bike in to work easier today?

Having more than one gear.

You know what would have made a lot of sense?

Testing my bike out ahead of time and, thus, finding out that only had one gear.

The other gears are still there, but my bike steadfastly […]