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My step-dad’s sister’s husband (we just call him Uncleish) is super into biking. He’s also super into supporting his niecishes on social media when they post about biking (or running, or boating, etc.). You could write that you ran 50 feet, got tired, and then sat down and ate a cheeseburger… and he’d tell you that it’s good that you knew your limits and got some protein in. He’s supremely positive, in a way that makes you want to run just a little bit farther and faster next time. I don’t know how he does it. It’s a pretty impressive super power.

Uncleish goes on some pretty long bike rides. I mean, his short rides would be long rides for me. And, every year, he makes sure to do a ride that’s the same mileage as his current age. He’s more than a few years older than me, so riding his age is pretty impressive.

I thought it would be pretty neat to start up a tradition of riding my age as well, both as a personal challenge and has a hat tip to Uncleish. Now’s the time to do it, when I’m young enough to not require serious training to get the mileage. I asked a bunch of people in my family if they’d like to join me, and two of my sisters, plus a brother-in-law, plus Kristian all decided to ride along.

(There were a few other folks that wanted to join as well, but work and dislocated kneecaps got in the way.)


In case you weren’t sure, I turned 34 today. So, 34 miles it was! (My sisters and brother-in-law get extra points for riding their ages+2, Kristian technically needs to do a few more laps around the parking lot.) We picked Labor Day, because it seemed like as good a day as any. And then we picked the Farmington, CT rail trail, because it’s super flat and scenic.

We mostly kept to the path, but we did make a quick detour to the Old Drake Hill Flower Bridge. My sister says it’s even more impressive at the height of the summer, but it was still quite pretty.

flower bridge


I’m not exactly inspired to take a bazillion selfies after spending miles on a bike in the hot sun, but I did take a couple at the bridge.


Most bike ride recaps are pretty boring, so I will say that it was a nice challenge, but not impossible… and then I’ll pretty much leave it at that. Kristian and I were the only ones without road bikes, so we were kinda slow compared to everyone else, but we mostly stuck together and it was nice to get to spend the morning with everyone.

A family friend was kind enough to watch Lilian while we all rode, and then he met all of us for lunch afterwards. My sisters had some fun with the little bendy toys that the restaurant gives to kids.

"pay the rent!"

We ended the day at my Grandmother’s house, where we consumed a good chunk of a peach pie that I baked for the occasion.


(I’m not usually super into food photos, but this pie was seriously tasty and it totally hit the spot after a long bike ride. I wouldn’t mind remembering just how good it tasted.)

Having a long biked ride planned for Labor Day weekend was a great motivator to get out during the summer. We probably could have done some more training, but I think we did ok. I wouldn’t mind making this a yearly tradition.

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  • Happy birthday. I love the idea of doing a commemorative endeavor on your birthday. I’d like to think of something but I’ve never ridden more than 25 miles on my bike so 58 on my next birthday seems so hard. Maybe I could shoot for 58K instead? 58 minutes would be too few. At least I have a few months to figure it out.

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