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Reality TV is Bad for Your Bank Account

I finally broke down and tivo’d What Not to Wear. I love Clinton and Stacey and I’d kindof really love to go shopping with them and then get margaritas. They seem like they know how to enjoy a good margarita. And shoes. Who doesn’t love margaritas and shoes?

The other reason that I would love to go shopping with Clinton and Stacey is that they just might bring one of those $5000 Visa Cards with them. You know, to help out with the shoes (and maybe a couple margaritas).

Lucky Jeans are gateway clothes. Spend too much money on a pair of jeans and all of a sudden you’re buying new boots and maybe, oh I don’t know…

A sexy little wrapdress:

My New Wrap Dress and New Boots
(Check out those new boots!)

And a fabulous new coat (thirty buck on sale at H and M!):

My New Coat and New Boots
(The boots, still awesome)

I love that I’ve lost so much weight. I now hate the way that my clothes are fitting me. I know, wah, wah, wah, call the waaaaaaahmbulance. Poor Hope lost weight and her pants don’t fit. *Single Tear.*

My plan is to throw out everything that doesn’t fit anymore and to slowly buy things that do. Emphasis on the slowly.

Where do you all go to get cute little outfits? (Preferably cheap!)

5 comments to Reality TV is Bad for Your Bank Account

  • I usually find jeans for cheap at the Burlington Coat Factory. I’ve been informed that Eddie Bauer has classic styles at reasonable prices, so I need to head over there soon (I can always appreciate a v-neck sweater.) For trendier things I’ve recently admitted to myself that I am kind of fond of H&M. Secretly.

    I love the dress, and also the boots, though a heel like that would kill me. But boots are so fun.

  • I love margaritas and shoes. I also love those boots, they are super cute. I really want some new boots.

    I have nothing constructive to add, other than watch out for wrap dresses when its windy.

  • I can say with confidence that you don’t want to shop where I do. However, you look adorable in your new clothes.

    I have a hard time wearing wrap dresses ever since Eric saw me in what I thought was a super-cute black and white situation and asked “So what is that like, a fancy bath robe?”

  • sara

    Love the dress! Hey, did you say you are going to NY this weekend? It’s the best place to find cute but cheap stuff! Just take me with you and I’ll show you:)

  • […] such a large size in the not-too-distant (oh, please let it not be too distant) future. But, as my would-be BFFs Stacey and Clinton always say, dress the body you have and not the body you […]

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