June 2021
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Mothers’ Day 2015

I had a pretty great Mothers’ Day this year. In fact, I had a pretty great weekend.

Friday night, we relaxed after work with a couple of drinks.

Bartender, make my next milk a double!

Saturday, I was my sister Allison’s +1 at a Pan Mass Challenge Pedal Partner event at Fenway Park. […]

B.A.A. 5K Recap

A bunch of Kristian’s coworkers decided to sign up for the Boston Athletic Association 5K that’s part of the marathon festivities. He asked if I’d like to join them and I was like “you had me at ‘you get to run across the Boston Marathon finish line.’”

(They don’t let you finish on the marathon […]

Pink “Splarkies”

I’m on my way to Florida for a work retreat (it’s a hard knock life for me), and my biggest #FirstWorldProblem is that it had been weeks (weeks!) since I got a pedicure. Sandals weather with faded, chipped toes? Oh, the horror (horror!) of it all.

(I can be kindof an asshole sometimes, but that last […]


There is nothing better than being cooped up inside with a toddler all weekend long, while Mother Nature dumps buckets of snow all over your metro area.

(Did I say “better?” I meant to say “more terrifying.”)

Don’t get me wrong, I love weekends with Lilian. I look forward to weekends with Lilian. She’s my […]

Snowmageddon Time

Does anybody else see #snowmageddon and immediately start singing Armageddon Time by the Clash in their head? Just me? Ok then.

We’ve had a lot of snow here in Boston lately. A lot. A metric shit-ton of snow (that’s a technical term). Last week, we got probably two and a half feet. Today, we’ve […]