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Happy 2017!

Hey, so, uh, did you miss me? Because I kinda missed this blog. But I could never seem to make the time to write in it. Especially as the months went by and I would say “well, now it’s been so long… is this really what I want to write about for my first post after such a very long hiatus?”

But, hey, it’s a new year. Let’s turn over a new leaf. Except you know my leaves. My leaves usually involve a long apology for disappearing, followed by… a long disappearance. But, I can at least say hi.


Life has been good. Busy, but good. Work is sumultaneously fulfilling and exhausting. Lilian is mostly a source of real joy, but also likes to push every single one of my buttons. I’ve been making a lot of craft projects, but not really sleeping enough. And I signed up to run a half marathon in June, because life was starting to feel slightly less complicated. Let’s just say that it’s a very good thing that I married a man who has the patience of a saint, and who knows I’m a lot less grumpy when I go on regular jogs and make things with my hands.

Kristian gave me a fancy new Cricut cutter (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, just google it) for Christmas and I’ve been like Bart Simpson and his label maker with his thing (you should probably go ahead and google that one as well). I was very pleased with the ironic sweatshirt that I made with it… until I came downstairs with it and Kristian asked me what I did to his favorite shirt. The moral of that particular story is that you should always doublecheck before ironing things onto a hand-me-down from your husband. Also, being good at eBay is a surprisingly useful skill.

Made myself a new hoodie #cricut #hipster #irony

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Kristian got two brand new sweatshirts out of the whole deal. So I think he’ll forgive me… eventually.

We’re currently visiting my grandmother, which seems to have become our New Years tradition. It mostly involves Kristian cooking a steak and us all drinking wine, so it’s a pretty nice little tradition. Grandma stayed up until midnight this year, but Kristian and I were both in bed by about 10:30. Did I mention that we haven’t been sleeping enough? 

We gave my grandma an Amazon Echo for Christmas and it’s been wonderful to see how delighted she is with it. When I set it all up for her, she asked me if I could connect her Pandora account to it. How many grandmas do you know who have a Pandora account and an Echo? As I type this, I can hear her chatting away with it. I’m just so proud at how quickly she picked it all up. I wasn’t surprised, though. Grandma was a computer programmer back in the day. She’s a real technology badass.

Myself, I recently learned how Snapchat works from my four-year-old. So, I’ve got that going on for me right now.

4 comments to Happy 2017!

  • Hal D.

    Congratulations on re-igniting your blog writing!

    I too find that (so far as writing, and any creative endeavour goes) it tends to ebb and flow; sometimes I can’t get the words out fast enough, others it’s like herding cats.

    Regardless, keep at it Hope, as it’s the regular act of writing which really matters! For life isn’t scripted, and will pass-us by like a dreams dream; whilst abandoned pen lay on blank paper sheets…. Unless we record it. 🙂

    Happy 2017, and the very best of luck to you, and ALL your creative pursuits!

  • Well, if you’re going to leave lovely, kind, Canadian-style comments, I’m going to have to keep writing posts!

  • Hal D.

    Consider it done, Hope!

    Now.. write you!!! Write!!!!! 😉

  • “My leaves usually involve a long apology for disappearing, followed by…a long disappearance.”

    I never realized I was so consistently inconsistent until you summed it up like this.

    That’s a pretty amazing story about your grandmother, by the way.

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