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Don’t Skimp on the Tulle

We got our photos back from Scott (daaaaamn that was speedy) and, man oh man, do I love how they came out.





(I think I just fulfilled my yearly posting requirement for baby photos, collages, and sepia tone).

I made that tutu, by the way. They’re incredibly easy to make. If you know how to tie a basic knot and cut things without hurting yourself, you can make one. I now know why there are always so many for sale on Etsy. People like me go, “Oh man, I have a blog and a baby girl. I’m contractually obligated to post a picture of my daughter in a tutu.” So, they follow one of the bazillion tutu tutorials online to make one. And then they realize that you can make one for maybe $20 and it takes all of half an hour.

Luckily, I’m smart enough to know that the tutu market is over-saturated. So, I will not be attempting to make and sell them.

Also? Most of the tutus on Etsy suck. As far as I can tell, the over-saturation in the market has caused the price of tutus to stay fairly low. Which means that people need to make their profit margins somewhere. Which means that they skimp on the tulle. Which just makes their tutus sad. A sad tutu is just, well… sad. Which is why I made one instead of buying one on Etsy.

(The circle is complete).

If you want to make your own tutu, there are a million blogs that will tell you how to do it. With pictures and everything! I would offer up just a few suggestions: 1) If you wrap the tulle the long way around a manilla envelope, you just have to make one cut and you’ll have all the pieces that you need. 2) If you use a ribbon instead of an elastic, your tutu can grow with your daughter (or fabulous son). 3) Don’t skimp on the tulle. Seriously. Don’t skimp on the tulle.

I think that’s my new motto for life: don’t skimp on the tulle.

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