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Mothers’ Day 2015

I had a pretty great Mothers’ Day this year. In fact, I had a pretty great weekend.

Friday night, we relaxed after work with a couple of drinks.

Bartender, make my next milk a double!

Saturday, I was my sister Allison’s +1 at a Pan Mass Challenge Pedal Partner event at Fenway Park. Allison wasn’t able to ride the PMC challenge last year (shattering your elbow tends to have that effect), but she’s going to kick it into gear (see what I did there?!) this year.

I’ll probably post something a little more in-depth about the Pedal Partner event later, but let’s just say that it was incredibly inspiring. The Pedal Partner program matches up PMC teams with kids who are being treated through the Jimmy Fund clinic. The idea is that the kids inspire you to train hard and raise a ton of money. In return, the kids get to point at you and laugh. Or something.

Also, Allison’s team’s partner is named Raphael, so we ended up with Ninja Turtle face paint in his honor. Because, if getting ridiculous face paint can make a kid with cancer laugh his ass off, then sign me up.


(Allison and I are now extra committed to raising a shit-ton of money.)

(And Raphael got a ton of laughs out if it.)

(Well played, Pedal Partners. Well played.)

Saturday afternoon/evening, we spent a lot of time and energy transporting an old swing-set to our house. I found it for free on Craigslist, but the jury is still out on wether or not we got a good deal on it. It wasn’t until we had the whole thing assembled on Sunday morning that Kristian realized that the part the swings hang off of is pretty badly rotted. He’s pretty sure he can replace that section with some new lumber, but I felt pretty bad about bringing a rotten swing set into our lives.

The good news? Lilian already loves her “little house” and the super fast slide.


Sunday morning, I had the requisite lie-in, and then breakfast in bed. I think Lilian was almost as excited about this as I was.

(And I was pretty damn excited!)

After breakfast, Kristian and Allison put together the aforementioned swingset of doom, while Lilian and I had some quality time at our neighborhood playground. She’s been on a “NOnoNOnoNooooo!!! I want DADDY!!!” kick lately, so I think the best Mothers’ Day gift of them all was simply the fact that she was so happy to be spending time with just me.

Kiss! Kiss!

(It’s super exhausting for Kristian that she wants him to do everything, but goddamn it breaks my heart that she never wants me to sing her a goodnight song.)

My Mom and Stepdad came over a little later in the afternoon, and we had a lovely little late lunch/early dinner on the back deck. I almost can’t believe that the long, horrible winter is finally behind us. I could get used to this whole “sitting outside and not freezing to death” business.

The sunburn that I managed to pick up? I’m not liking that one so much. But it was still a loverly weekend.

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