June 2021
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Wow. I am Accident Prone.

So. I hurt myself. Again.

Yes, you got that correct. Even after I made jokes about covering myself in bubble wrap and then going to live in a padded room, I once again did something klutzy that resulted in a lot of physical pain and many, many tears (which can’t be blamed on the onions this time).

Sunday night, Kristian was outside snowblowing and I was just hanging out waiting for Inside the Actor’s Studio to come on. I went to grab my powerbook and *BAM!* the battery fell out and landed right on my big toe. I just kindof stared at it for a few seconds and thought “that’s funny, I think that I am about to be in a lot of pain.”

And then it hit me.

To say that I ended up on the couch crying would be a bit of an understatement. It’s more like Kristian came inside to discover me curled up in the fetal position, sobbing my brains out. Who knew a toe could hurt that much? Certainly not me. He came into the kitchen all I could say was “I think I broke my toe.”

And then I started laughing.

Because, really, after the whole thing with the dishwasher, it was pretty funny.

But I was already crying.

Let me just state for the record that the act of both laughing and crying at the exact same time is a really, really, really good way to freak your boyfriend out. I must admit, I probably looked pretty hysterical at the moment. But, goddamit, my toe hurt like a motherfucker. And I was also very amused at the fact at how accident prone I am.

So Kristian got me some ice in a bag (I had put an icepack on, but it wasn’t really wrapping around the toe and the weight of it was probably causing me more pain than was really necessary) and we settled in to watch Dave Chappelle. Kristian was pretty impressed that, even through the tears and the toe, I still managed to Tivo the start of the episode for him. I missed a few seconds, but I think that it is totally legit when you are in as much pain as I was to hit a few wrong buttons.

Kristian wanted to take me to the hospital… but I didn’t think that it made much sense to drive throught the aftermath of a blizzard to find out if I had a broken toe or not. Because, really, what were they going to say? “Yeah, it’s broken, gonna hurt a lot. Don’t put any weight on it.” Because I already knew that it hurt like a motherfucker and that I wasn’t walking anywhere for awhile. I’m glad that we didn’t end up going, because it’s most definitely not broken… seeing as how I can bend it and put weight on it now.

But, I do have a really cool blood blister on it now.

I spent last weekend staying as far away from the dishwasher as possible. I think that I will spend this weekend hiding under the bed, surrounded by pillows.

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